About the Toolkit

Each year, May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. This toolkit includes templates, tools and resources to raise awareness in your organization about the importance of caring for ourselves mentally and emotionally. The value of this guide is the opportunity to share your commitment to creating a mentally-healthy workplace. You can leverage these materials during Mental Health Awareness Month (May) or any other time of the year.

Below you'll find downloadable resources for your organization's leadership team as well as your employees. We hope that this sparks great conversations in your workplace! 

Resources for HR and Employer Leadership 

Alera Group Mental Health in the Workplace Guide
Each organization’s mental health strategy will differ based on its needs, goals and culture. This document walks you through a variety of considerations and program ideas to consider as you develop your unique mental health program.

Sample Internal Communication Templates
These communication templates provide you with sample verbiage to announce Mental Health Awareness Month and to encourage your employees to prioritize their mental and emotional wellbeing. These messages can be shared over email, internal messaging platforms or your company’s intranet. Consider the best person or people within your organization to send these emails—it could be HR, but it could also be leadership or direct managers.

Key Mental Health Messages and Statistics
These statistics and key messages will provide you with some key talking points you can leverage as you communicate during Mental Health Awareness Month or any time of the year.

Ways Your Organization Can Recognize Mental Health Awareness Month
This is a list of what you can do to promote Mental Health Awareness Month in your organization.

Alera Group's Mental Health Resources Guide for Employers
This resource arms HR and leadership with some great resources, programs, podcasts and articles to keep you up-to-date on workplace mental health.

Resources for Employees 

Mental Health Resources Guide for Individuals
This guide empowers employees with free apps, podcasts, webinars and more to support them with their mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Month Virtual Meeting Backgrounds
Using one of these backgrounds gives employees and leaders the opportunity to openly share their support for workplace mental health during meetings.

Email Signature Templates
Adding this template to an email signature block provides employees and leaders the opportunity to share their support for workplace mental health in all email communications.

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