One of the most difficult challenges facing leaders today is preparing for the future. Historically, we would look behind us, examining what worked and didn’t. We’d adjust accordingly. The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed this approach. We can no longer assume that the historical assumptions driving our view of the world and strategy are valid. 

Our goal at Alera Group is to partner with you to manage uncertainty and deliver smart, responsive solutions that protect your organization as you adapt to a changing world. The 2021 insurance marketplace promises to be a demanding one for insurance buyers. Few insurance programs will renew “as is.” Most organizations will pay more for insurance. Some will have difficulty getting the terms and desired limits they want. The severity of the impact will depend on your particular program and industry.  

Property & Casualty 2021 Market Outlook 

Mark Englert 
Property & Casualty 
Practice Leader

To help you plan for what lies ahead, we teamed up with insurance companies, wholesale markets, Alera Group subject matter experts and agent/broker affiliates throughout the United States. The result is the 2021 Insurance Marketplace Outlook.

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