With healthcare costs rising and the competition for talent fierce, the stakes have never been higher for creating an attractive and cost-effective benefits program. Alera Group’s 2023 Healthcare and Employee Benchmarking Report can help you get there. Representing more than 5,000 employers, 11,000 health plans and almost 1 million employees, it gives you a compelling window into your competitors’ benefits practicesone you can use to make smart decisions about your offerings. The report includes cost drivers and strategies related to medical, dental and vision coverage, pharmacy, life, disability, wellbeing, funding, contributions and more!

Of plans offered are high-deductible health plans, plateauing in the last few years.


Here are some highlights, based on feedback from survey respondents:

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Of large companies (>1,000) are self-funded, while more than a third remain fully insured; this illustrates how size matters, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.


Offer behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, in response to a post-COVID-19 rise in these disorders.


A message from Alera Group's EVP and Employee Benefits Practice Leader Sally Prather

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2023 Healthcare and Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report