Alera Group 2022 Benchmarking Survey Report

Alera Group’s 2022  Benchmarking Survey surveyed more than 2,500 businesses around the country about their employee benefits offerings.

The summary report provides insights into benefit and plan trends, as well as strategies employers are implementing to offset rising healthcare costs.

Key Findings at a Glance

  • Health and Life benefits continue to trend as the most common benefit offerings
  • Employers are offering greater choice in medical plans, with many employers offering two or more plans.
  • Retention and recruitment are the top human capital management challenges
  • Cost containment is a key motivator for plan design changes
  • Employee health and productivity benefits are critical, with increases in financial wellness program offerings




Grow Through Benchmarking: 
2022 Survey Results Reveal 

Benchmarking… it’s a vague word thrown around by employee benefits professionals trying to win your business. But what does it really mean? And can it really help your organization thrive?

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how your Employee Benefits programs stack up with your peers based on the 2022 Alera Group Benchmarking Survey. Our benefits experts will walk you through how your organization can strategically compare its offerings to other similar entities.

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